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Welcome to the Australian Wagyu Beef Network

Buying and selling Premium Wagyu Cattle for over 25 years.

AWBN is a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality Wagyu-infused beef in Australia. We export to global markets including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the U.K., France, Germany, South Africa, Denmark and the U.S.

We maintain an open invitation to all ambitious Australian beef producers to join us, and to meet your needs we offer a one-stop, turnkey Wagyu production solution. The best reason you can have to join is a strong desire for a more profitable operation, regardless of market cycles. There's no upfront charge, and we can help you with genetic selection, production planning to meet the most profitable specifications, finance, and all aspects of marketing including transport logistics.

It's certainly not too late to embrace the Wagyu opportunity. We believe current global growth in demand for high-priced Wagyu is still in the early developmental stages. Our product is already world renowned for superior quality. And with 25 years of experience, we can help you with careful breeding and superior genetics to produce Wagyu that is of the highest quality.

Day to day, you will also be impressed with the docile temperament of Wagyu, a breed with a long history of intensive handling.

Wagyu News

South Korea's beef appetite grows

28th September 2015
SOARING South Korean beef prices should be welcome news for the country's hard-pressed cattle producers, but a failure to rebuild herds and customers balking at paying record levels for prized local "Hanwoo" meat mean imports are set to keep pouring in.

Sydney’s best steaks: Your guide to finding a top hunk of beef

24th September 2015
WHILE the day of the $10 steak is dead, the emergence of venues such as Firedoor in Surry Hills, with its $138 charcoal and woodfire-cooked steak, has proven that quality is on the rise and people are willing to pay for it. Even Rooty Hill RSL sees the sense in offering a $29 grass-fed 250g Angus beef tenderloin.

Wagyu entry claims branded beef crown in Sydney’s Fine Food awards

2nd September 2015
Some of Australia’s best known and most successful branded beef supply chains flexed their muscles with wins in Sydney Show’s 2015 Fine Foods branded beef competition, results from which were decided this week. Here’s a breakdown of the major winners across, grassfed, grainfed, Wagyu and open classes.

Rinehart shelves major Gympie dairy project in favour of Wagyu

10th August 2015
Gina Rinehart’s Hope Dairies business has confirmed that its proposed $500m powdered milk supply chain project in Southeast Qld has been put on hold, with the land bought for the project now to be utilised for high quality Wagyu beef production.

Wagyu: Processing pampered cows at Tokyo’s last major slaughterhouse

7th August 2015
Wagyu literally translates as “Japanese beef,” but that translation doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a word that calls to mind images of rural Japanese cows being fed beer and massaged daily, and richly marbled ruby-red steaks, shot through with fine ribbons of glistening white fat.

Blackmore Wagyu farm may have to close down after neighbours' complaints lead to council action

4th August 2015
Australia's most famous meat producer may have to quit his property after a series of complaints from neighbours led to the council taking action.

Farmers have a real beef as feed confusion reigns

July 29th 2015
The Japanese cattle breed is now synonymous with the finest-quality beef, from Rockpool, which serves wagyu steak for more than $100, down to nearly every pub serving a wagyu burger with hand-cut chips (whatever that means) on a piece of wood.

Red hot results for Wagyu on AuctionsPlus: What’s driving it?

July 20th 2015
In a niche cattle market segment which has traditionally been dominated by well-established direct-consignment selling relationships, the benefits of auction competition have been clearly evident over the past three weeks with a series of red-hot record prices being set for Wagyu F1 weaners on AuctionsPlus. What’s driving it?

$11m taxpayer grant for wagyu farming aids Saudi businessman

9th June 2015
$11m taxpayer grant for wagyu farming aids Saudi businessman

Australia's first Wagyu beef producer given Queen's Birthday honours

8th June 2015
A South Australian businessman, largely credited for introducing Wagyu beef to the nation, is among those named an Officer of the Order of Australia.

Wagyu a good investment

29th May 2015
THE recent investment by major commercial players in the premium beef industry is set to propel Australian-produced Wagyu onto the world stage.

Japan Researchers Develop Scanner to Detect Marbled Meat in Cattle

22nd May 2015
Where’s the marbled beef? Thanks to a new machine created by a government-backed institute in Japan, one might soon be able to find those tender and juicy sections of meat without much difficulty.

One lucrative cash cow: It's the most expensive Wagyu beef steak ever sold in Australia at $450 a kilo

23rd March 2015
At $450 a kilo Aizakura Wagyu beef is the most ­expensive meat ever sold in Australia. Aizakura Wagyu beef can trace it’s lineage back to the best beef in Japan which supports its hefty price tag and guarantee of quality.

Demand strong for Wagyu F1 cattle, with northern processors driving sales in the south

20th March 2015
NORTHERN Australian-based companies specialising in growing and marketing first-cross (F1) Wagyu are driving demand for the breed in Victoria.

Gina Rinehart forks out $25m for Wagyu cattle farms near Dubbo

19th December 2014
AUSTRALIA’S richest person, Gina Rinehart, has bought what is believed to the world’s second biggest Wagyu cattle herd outside Japan, snapping up two properties near Dubbo in NSW in a deal worth around $25 million.